Chiropractic Care Helps Alleviate Headaches

In our office, we as chiropractors find that we can do a great deal in preventing and decreasing the symptoms of most headaches.

We try to properly identify the muscles that may be involved in creating the headache, any range of motion deficits, and any joint impairment. If we identify that someone has a migraine, we will help find a doctor that can help medically manage the migraines.

I have found in the years that I have been doing this, since 1994, I have really only had a couple of patients that we were not able to help. I think the number of true migraine patients is much smaller than reported.  As a chiropractor, we cannot help true migraine headaches. But it does not mean you can’t have migraines some days and tension headaches other days.

Finding a great doctor that is going to work on the muscles, teach you exercises and stretching, and do adjusting to make sure that you have proper range of motion in your neck – that is what is going to help alleviate and prevent headaches.

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